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Updated: Mar 1, 2020

This podcast episode and blog of LebensLiebe is about truthfulness. It will look at how to connect with your heart to listen to your true self; how to differentiate between your life stories and those of others; how to fully bring your intentions to life.

Hello dear ones,

How are you today? Thanks for being here with me for another episode of LebensLiebe. I really hope, you have arrived well in this new year of 2019 and I am looking forward to talking with you about truth and truthfulness today.

How did you celebrate New Year`s and Christmas?

I confess, the days before Christmas and the days leading up to New Year`s were very moving for me. I am and always have been very fond of Christmas time. Having been raised in a Catholic, Bavarian community, I never questioned how we celebrated Christmas, nor did I question the story around it. Sweets, candles, and kitsch were a given. I always loved the sparkling trees in gardens and after the 24th of December in the house, too. And I was just happy, when I could eat as many cookies as I wished to during the holidays.

In other words, I never looked behind the traditions I had been raised with.

Christmas and truthfulness

This past year, for the first time, I started thinking about the familiar Christmas traditions and got interested in the foundations of those days. I would like to share what I learned. But despite this, let me make clear: This episode is about truthfulness more than about Christmas. So just stick with me for a moment.

One reason why I started exploring was the strong wish inside me to find quiet and peace during the Christmas time. I noticed that while many people talk about the need for stillness before Christmas, only few really give in to that wish. So, I wondered: What might be our reason to feel the need for peace especially at this time oft the year?

Truth and truthfulness

At the beginning of 2018, I met a person who told me: "My topic this year is truth.” And I thought: "Wow, where does one begin to think about truth?"

How are you feeling about truth ?

Truth is being honest with yourself and others.

To me, truth is being honest with yourself and others. You meet yourself as you are, non-judgementally and without criticizing. Isn’t that where the struggle begins? Are we always capable to accept ourselves fully? I sometimes can, sometimes can’t. And during times of criticism about myself, I also tend to be a lot more critical about others. I judge myself and others. They say: Practice makes perfect – so I keep practicing, I guess. But I think, it is also okay to fail and to accept failure as part of the practice.

Truthfulness is achieving to see our situations and

circumstances for that they truly are.

Why truthfulness and not just truth? I believe that truthfulness expresses more exactly what I want to describe. To me, truthfulness is achieving to see our situations and circumstances for that they truly are. It is when we start seeing them more from the heart than the rational and analytical mind.

Maybe you are familiar with the following reaction, too: You are in a certain situation and do not really know, how to proceed. Your head starts thinking, spinning and analyzing. Suddenly you are caught up in so many thoughts and can neither see nor feel straight. Instead, you start to direct your feelings to what you think they should be. But while this seems like the obvious thing to do, something inside you is stuck. It feels hard, stressful and really not that easy any more to feel what you want to feel.

It is okay to fail and to accept failure as part of the practice.

What if you could change that? What if we could turn this whole reaction around?

What if we could start feeling with the heart into certain situations and circumstances before we start to overthink them.

To do that, we could stand still as soon as we feel the stress arise and put a hand on our hearts. Feeling this hand on the heart, we could start to feel its warmth on our chest and breathe into our palm. Inhale, exhale. Feel the heart. Inhale, exhale, listen to the heart. Inhale, exhale: Dear heart, do you have a message for me? Inhale, exhale. I am here. I am listening.

Often, the hearts speaks from a source that we have lost touch with. Connecting with the heart, allows you to open up to your inner wisdom and to receive answers that might be very different from what the head says. Once our heart is open, we might also feel more vividly what the situation we are currently in has to tell us. We realize where our stories begin and where they end.

Thus, we might realize something that is usually hidden from the rational mind: We live in a world full of situations, circumstances and stories. Every human and every being has a story of their own. Many stories even. Yet, in moments of confusion of the mind, it is hard for us to differentiate, where our own story ends and the story of someone else begins. Automatically, our situations and circumstances appear much more complex and harder to entangle. Not seldom, this leaves us with a feeling of powerlessness because we do neither know how to solve our issues nor those of others.

Your story arises within you.

But know: Your story arises within you. It stems from your true self, your inner connection with life and your heart. This is where truthfulness begins – because your heart can more than just feel. It can love.

Loving is embracing completeness

Love is such a big word. It has been interpreted so often. Today, I will allow myself to connect love with truthfulness. The one who loves completely and without condition, finds a love in their heart that is able to accept themselves and others fully.

This is when the wish to be loved stops because you know: I am loved. I am love. I do not have to write my story obeying to certain rules of have to and musts. Here is where a truthful life and creation of you begins. This is also when you allow every kind of life and existence around to be and flourish as it is.

If we meet people with this kind of love, we see them and allow them to fully be.

Please allow me to explain how those thoughts arose.

Time to start fresh

Do you what Christmas actually stands for? It stands for new beginnings and for a time in which darkness merges into light. Shortly before Christmas, on December 21, we experience the longest night of the year, which symbolizes also the darkest night of the year. At the same time, this night is the beginning of a new time. Thereafter, the days start to get longer and light comes back into the world. In ancient traditions including the Nordic or Yogic traditions, darkness is associated with the female and the womb. Maria, the mother of Jesus, is hence a symbol for the darkness and the feminine, which is nothing to be judged as bad. To the contrary, every year we come to an ending as well as a new beginning. We go through circles of endings and beginnings all the time.

Yet, we tend to strive for the light more than the darkness. Did you know that the ancient traditions associated darkness with the renewal from inside? Basically, Christmas is renewal. A new life is born and expressed by Jesus, light and the masculine. Little Jesus is our symbol that life grows from the dark, which is also related to the earth and Mother Nature, towards the light. In other words, to become, we need both, earth and sky, male and female, or darkness and light.

I am persuaded that we are made of light and shadows. The combination and the interplay makes us whole and provides us with answers. Sometimes, we might find more answers in the light, sometimes in the shadows.

To become, we need both, earth and sky, male and female, darkness and light.

Manifest and make your wishes come true

This is how we get back to truthfulness. It was so important to me to talk with you about truthfulness because it appears to me that it will become an important companion to us all in 2019. Truthfulness will help us to feel from the heart. It will help us to understand ourselves and to see ourselves as we are. In a world of turmoil, fake news and apparent winners with loud voices, this seems more important than ever.

Tip 1: Let truthfulness become our compass

Truthfulness will help you realize when you lose yourself in a situation and end up being just another actor in a story you have not written. You are not in this world to please. You are allowed to write your own play. Listen to your heart. It will tell you when something feels false and not for you. Trust that voice.

But before you leave a certain situation, make sure to look at it from your heart. Try to listen to the message that is in that situation. A message may be transmitted by people, you feel uncomfortable around or moments that cause you anger, pain, sadness, or loss of energy.

You are not in this world to please.

Tip 2: Truthfulness will help you to distinguish your story from those of others

Truthfulness helps you realize, if you are about to get lost in someone else’s life story. Walking through the world with an open heart, may sometime leave you with a feeling of despair when you listen to other people’s stories. You feel that you have to solve their issues and, thus, make their story yours. We don’t always realize when this happens. Yet, empathy is not taking on other people’s challenges. Little hints towards your taking on of others’ stories are losing patience with others or feeling a hint of helplessness when trying to give them advice. In this moment, your heart is just not ready for that challenge.

In those moments, try to get to a meta-perspective and tune in with our heart. Look at the person or people with challenges around you. Look at their stories. Feel with your heart and ask it, whether now is the time to make their story yours. If your heart says “no”, you are allowed to exit their stories. Actually, we make for much better friends, when we approach other people’s story with neutrality and a certain level of emotional distance.

Empathy is not taking on other people’s challenges.

Tip 3: Truthful living equals being you

Living and acting truthfully is being you. Once you start walking through your life fully connected with your heart, you start to trust your intentions and the voice of your heart more and more. Eventually, truthfulness is being authentic. It is also a liberation from many questions that have formed part of our daily lives such as: Am I enough? Friendly enough, happy enough, doing enough… Maybe you can relate to those questions? I certainly can.

When I am stuck in a situation I often feel empty. This is when I begin controlling my words, gestures, and behaviour. I get uncertain of why I am. All of these are warning signs to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. So, if you find yourself in a comparable position, allow yourself to breath deeply, connect with your heart, and maybe imagine yourself being surrounded by a bright light.

Truthfulness is also honesty, authenticity, and integrity. It is saying goodbye to pretentiousness, forcefulness, and judgement.

You deserve to be you. You deserve to lead a truthful life. You deserve to manifest your true wishes every single day.

Living and acting truthfully is being you.

A brief summary:

  1. You feel truthfulness when you feel with your heart. Allow your heart to tell you what feels good and what does not.

  2. Try to gain distance from situations, circumstances, or people that just don’t feel good. Sometimes it also helps to get t a meta-level like a little bird.

  3. You are the creator of your life. You can decide to live your own story. In doing so, you might become an inspiration to others again and again.

Thanks so much for this beautiful moment together.

Thanks for being you.

Love and light***


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